Add Standard Fault Management


I’m thinking we need a standard block of “fault management” code in the WF. Specifically the protected override ActivityExecutionStatus HandleFault section of the code I think we should add the following logic:
• Catch and Assess the fault and gather the exception.Message and other valuable data (request parameters, workflow dictionary, target object parameters, etc) along with which step in the current activity it failed on, the name of the current WF, etc
• Write an Application Event log entry with the gathered data
• Invoke the Notification WF activity to email the gathered data to an administrator/group
• Return the ActivityExecutionStatus.Closed status and don’t throw the execption
You will need to expose this via the web interface as well. I’m thinking something unobtrusive since we’d want it on every WF activity we write. Perhaps a little Red exclamation point icon tucked away in one of the bottom corners that when clicked on opens a hidden section on the same panel (no popups). The only thing we’d want to be able to specify is the email address. It’s possible that we’d be able to enumerate this later on but for now I think we’ll just keep it simple.

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